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With over 23 years experience in manufacturing high quality and durable pumps

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Technology Assurance

We have advanced assembly line with high efficiency precision equipment to ensure products with minimum maintenance and maximum durability. We have equipped ourselves with exhaustive testing division which guarantee/ assure high energy efficient pump reliable for harsh pumping applications.

Competitive Advantage

  • Reasonable Price Range
  • Value for money products
  • Requires minimum instillation cost and effort
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Extremely accurate and energy efficient pumbs
  • Energy saving / Minimum consumption of energy
  • Reliable after sales service

Reliable after Sales Service

We have a dedicated service team to diagonise the problem and provide solutions in stipulated time frame. Reliability depends on the longevity of replacement parts and the quality of repair of the damaged or worn out parts. Our team expertise and commitment for quality work guarantee both the spare parts and the sustaining quality repair.

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